About Carol

“My mission is to help students harness their gifts, talents, and abilities so they can be leaders in their community, country, and the world as a whole.”

Global Student Success, College, and Career Expert

Carol Carter is a national and international student success author and speaker. At the college level, her KEYS TO SUCCESS series is used by more than 200,000 freshmen each year throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and China. For the last ten years, Carol has also been president of LifeBound, a student success and transition company, which publishes books, conducts training in academic coaching skills, and provides teacher training in K-12. LifeBound’s goal is to eradicate developmental education at the college level in the next decade by better preparing incoming freshmen with college level skills, especially in the areas of critical thinking, writing, math, and reasoning abilities.


Carol is the author of eleven books for students in grades 5-12, as well as curricula, and she is the coauthor of a book for parents: Stop Parenting, Start Coaching. In the last two years, LifeBound published her books Dollars & Sense: How to be Smart About Money, Critical and Creative Thinking for Teenagers, and Leadership for Teenagers. Carol shares her professional experience with students to encourage them to think globally as they make their way into the world of work. In her most recent book, Keys to Business Success, she interviews new and seasoned professionals that give students perspective of the global market, the growing trend in entrepreneurship, and the importance of communicating professionally in a digital world.

Speaker & Coach

Carol is featured as a national and international keynote speaker, as well as in the media, addressing issues on teen and young adult success. An innovator in student leadership and world-class skills, Carol has been a guest in over fifty countries, and she has worked with schools and associations as a keynote speaker around the world in many of these locations. In 2009, Carol gave the opening keynote address for the Tri-Association (Latin America and the Caribbean) in the Dominican Republic, and in January of 2010, she was the keynote speaker for Spectrum Education’s “Teachers Matter” annual conferences in Australia and New Zealand. This last year, Carol participated on the panel of the Grace Institute of Technology in Atlanta and the Innovation in Education Conference in New York. More recently, in 2011, Carol spoke at the Southern Nevada Math and Science Conference in Las Vegas, the NADE conference in Washington D.C., and AISA Educator’s Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.


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8 Responses to “About Carol”

  1. Kathy Watson says:

    Thank you so much….I need this information to pass along to my students.

  2. J Carlisle says:

    Hello Mrs. Carter,

    I just want to say thank you. I am a student at a local comm. college and I am taking a study skills class, part of the homework for the class is to watch videos from Pearson Custom. You are in every single on of those videos and I thank you for them because they were very helpful to me. I learned a lot from them and have been able to improve on how to manage money, how to study better, how to prepare for interviews, etc. Thank you for the videos that you and fellow Pearson Hall members helped create. It literally changed my life for the better

  3. Sam Schoemann says:

    Hi Carol – Did you ever teach at Menlo College?

  4. 33Betsy says:

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  6. Я бессилен воздержаться и не прокомментировать.
    Очень хорошо написано!

  7. Я уверен, что сообщение затронет всех посетителей авторского и действительно очень грамотного блога.

  8. Сохраню как “Избранное”, я оцениваю позитивно
    ваш авторский ресурс!

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