A Digital Tool to Monitor Classroom Behavior

What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent?

Psychologist Daniel Goleman defined emotional intelligence as being self-aware. An emotionally intelligent person is someone who can recognize their feelings and the feelings of others. It’s also someone who knows how to manage emotions, like anxiety, anger, and sadness. Emotional intelligence is a must to succeed at school and work, in social circles, and with family.

Students may display a multitude of behavior problems in the classroom due to any number of variables, such as learning disabilities, lack of sleep or food, not doing their homework, or hormonal changes. Emotional intelligence is a weapon each student should be armed with so they know how to personally assess their problems and when to ask for help from outside sources. However, it’s not always easy for students to see their problems and know how to find a solution. It’s also not always possible for teachers to take the time to address individual behavior problems in class. But there might be a new tool that makes it easier for teachers to monitor individuals in class while recording their positive and negative behaviors.

Students who get immediate feedback on problems with their behavior respond better, according to the article, “Can Mobile Phones Help Teachers Manage Classroom Behavior.” But it isn’t always possible for one teacher to address a behavior problem during class or for them to stop what they’re doing and jot down the offense on the student’s record.

A new Web and mobile app might be the solution. ClassDojo makes it possible for teachers to log both good and bad behavior by using a point system of +1 and -1. If students are behaving well, you give them a +1. If they are behaving negatively, you give them a -1. Teachers can use their cellphones to log information into the program and the numbers are projected for the entire class to see. The tool is meant to not only give teachers an easier way to record what happens in the class, but for students to be able to get real feedback in real time.

The creators of ClassDojo hope the tool will help teachers discuss behavior problems in parent/teacher conferences and one-on-one discussions with students, but they also hope it will encourage positive behavior when students see they can earn points for being positive role models in the classroom. Learn more about the tool at: http://www.classdojo.com/

Would you use ClassDojo in your classroom? Why or why not?


“Can Mobile Phones Help Teachers Manage Classroom Behavior?” by Audrey Watters. 7 September 2011. MindShift. Accessed on 12 September 2011. http://mindshift.kqed.org/2011/09/can-mobile-phones-help-teachers-manage-classroom-behavior/

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