Digital Access, Collaboration a Must for Students

Carol’s Summary:
A survey of K-12 students nationwide shows that many students feel that their use of technology, both at school and home, contributes positively to their overall learning experience. The survey, called “Speak Up 2009: Creating Our Future: Students Speak Up about their Vision for 21st Century Schools,” collected data about technology in relation to education, to assess the way that students utilize technology both in and out of the classroom.

Technology is becoming an increasingly important aspect of learning, and each year more classrooms are adding technological activities to their curriculum and school activities. Findings from the survey revealed that more students are turning to social networking websites to discover new information, as well as conducting their own research on various topics, without the instruction of a teacher or within the structure of a classroom.

The emergence of the digital age in our nation becomes more evident every day, and its presence in education is undeniable. As students have more access to the internet, they become more informed about a wide range of topics that may or may not be discussed at school. The second edition of our book, Making the Most of High School, has a chapter about how to use technology in a way that is safe and beneficial to one’s education and career goals, as well as technology tips in each chapter.

As students become more aware of the world around them, their classrooms and curriculum must be adjusted to fit their needs. Also, teachers will have to be flexible to incorporate learning with these new tools, so that their understanding of the tools equals that of students. It is vital that digital applications are applied to academics in order to ensure that students are prepared for a future where technology is becoming an essential aspect of everyday life.

Digital access, collaboration a must for students

By Laura Devaney
In a national survey that reveals K-12 students’ use of technology at home and at school, students overwhelmingly agreed that access to digital media tools and the ability to collaborate with peers both inside and outside of school can greatly enhance education.

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