Jill Abramson’s Rise to Executive Power

In the 160 years The New York Times has been in circulation, they had yet to have a female executive editor until this year. On June 2, 2011, the Times executive editor Bill Keller stepped down from his position, allowing former investigative journalist and managing editor Jill Abramson to take his position.

Abramson might be most well known for holding her own when former executive editor Howell Raines attempted to demote her from bureau chief to the Book Review, which would have taken her out of the running for the historic spot she recently earned in Times history. In the end, Raines was forced to resign due to the Jayson Blair plagiarism scandal, and Abramson kept her position and continued climbing the Times ladder at top speed.

Aside from Abramson’s journalistic accomplishments, she is a Harvard graduate, the co-author of multiple books on women and politics, and a trailblazer for professional women. Her coverage of Hilary Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the women involved in the Enron case are among some of her most notable works that show powerful women refusing to be lesser in male-dominated fields.

Recently, Abramson showed her versatility when she volunteered to spend six months on the Times’ online operations so she could get firsthand experience with the digital news medium many people prefer. This put Abramson at an advantage as her predecessor has recently become known for his position against social networking and the implementation of new media in journalism.

As a female, Abramson has taken the position to encourage women to fulfill their professional dreams. As a journalist, Abramson continues to grow in her profession by being a versatile player and staying current with the new demands of technology. Jill Abramson is a wonderful role model for both men and women in this competitive and changing job market.



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