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Educational social-networking site, Grockit, discussed in the ESchool News article below, is part of a current trend to create “collaborative learning spaces online where students can help one another solve homework problems and study—all while building important 21st-century skills.” The social-networking study site currently offers 8-12 graders test-prep services and will eventually expand to include math, English, history and science.

According to the article, Grockit CEO Farb Nivi says “estimates point to a 25 to 27 percent learning loss during summer vacation…Logging onto Grockit just a few hours a week during the summer can help students bridge the gap between school years, so that come September they are ready to build upon last school year’s lessons with little review.”

Students using Grockit use live chat services to “practice with, learn from, and compete with millions of their peers on the subject of their choice.” The site gives students points and recognition for achievements such as how helpful they are to peers and are displayed to the social-network’s community and motivates students to excel.

“Because of that social factor, the power in it isn’t just answering a question—it’s that positive peer influence on learning,” says Jeramy Gatza, a Florida Virtual School (FLVS) innovation manager working with Grockit.

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Combining social networking with studying, Grockit encourages academic success through peer interaction
By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor
May 3rd, 2010
ESchool News

Aiming to engage students who are multitasking with different forms of technology, companies are creating collaborative learning spaces online where students can help one another solve homework problems and study—all while building important 21st-century skills.

One such social-networking study site is Grockit, which currently offers test-prep services and is expanding its focus to include math and English for students in grades 8-12, with history and science soon to follow. Grockit has opened enrollment for a free Summer Enrichment Academy, which is designed to keep students from falling behind during summer vacation as they participate in collaborative group study forums online.

Grockit’s appeal lies not only in the fact that academic support from peers is free, but also because students are motivated to learn through the company’s social-networking and gaming platform, said Grockit CEO Farb Nivi. As online social networking becomes a ubiquitous aspect of youth culture, sites such as Grockit could represent the future of education technology.

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