Panel Proposes Single Standard for All Schools

Carol’s summary:
The U.S. is moving closer to adopting a uniform set of world-class standards for all schools k-12. This week a panel comprised of the nation’s governors and state school superintendents unveiled their proposal for year by year benchmarks citing these examples in the article below: “. . . fifth graders would be expected to explain the differences between drama and prose, and to identify elements of drama like characters, dialogue and stage directions. Seventh graders would study, among other math concepts, proportional relationships, operations with rational numbers and solutions for linear equations.”

For over a decade, LifeBound has promoted similar objectives through our stair-step programs for grades 5-12, which builds the following 21st century skills:

o Reading
o Writing
o Critical and creative thinking
o Emotional intelligence
o ACT/SAT prep
o Strategies for teachers to anticipate and plan successful transitions at each grade level.

Our books are used in advisory periods, summer reading academies, and as supplements to English and Social Studies classes. All of our curricula are coordinated to the national American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standard and 21st century skills framework. To receive review copies of our books, please call our toll free # at 1.877.737.8510 or send an email to

March 10, 2010
By Sam Dillon

A panel of educators convened by the nation’s governors and state school superintendents proposed a uniform set of academic standards on Wednesday, laying out their vision for what all the nation’s public school children should learn in math and English, year by year, from kindergarten to high school graduation.

The new proposals could transform American education, replacing the patchwork of standards ranging from mediocre to world-class that have been written by local educators in every state.

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