Parents and Students Share Stories & Tips on Being Home for the Holidays

Many college students will be returning home next week for fall break, and many more in the following weeks for winter vacation. This can be an academically stressful time for students as they put in extra study time to end the semester strong and start preparing for the upcoming semester. This can also be a socially and emotionally difficult time as they separate themselves from their new lifestyle and friends and get plopped back in the home environment and lifestyle they left months before.

Today, NPR’s StoryCorp series ran the story “The Parenting Dance: Hold Tight While Letting Go.” Freshman Joshua Littman and his mother, Sarah, discuss how they felt when he went away to college and how he feels about transitioning into next semester. It’s worth noting, Joshua lives with Asperger’s syndrome, causing him to struggle in many social situations.  Joshua thinks about not going back for spring semester and his mother urges him to keep trying. Listen to the short, four-minute story by clicking the play button below.

On our LifeBound blogs, student blogger Nicoll Laikola has been preparing students for the upcoming holiday reunions and parent blogger Maureen Breeze has been sharing how parents can help younger students finish the semester strong. Over the last few weeks, Nicoll and Maureen have shared the following topics:

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. Please share any tips or experiences you’ve had for students, parents, or educators in the comment box below.


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