Preparing Your Students with Skills to Ace the Test

In February, we are helping students prepare for tests coming up this semester. Check here every Thursday for effective study skills, memorization techniques, and more to get students prepared and stress free for the test. Testing should only put a strain on students if they aren’t prepared, so pass along these tips to help them develop test-taking skills before the big day:

Before the test:

  • Set time aside to study.
  • Review for several short periods rather than one long period.
  • Review the main points in your reading assignment and class notes.
  • During the test:

  • Read the directions carefully and fill out the easiest parts first.
  • When answering essay questions, try to make an outline in the margin of your paper before you begin to write.
  • Review your answers before turning the test in to your teacher.
  • After the test:

  • Find out what questions you got incorrect and find the correct answers. Doing so will:
      • help reinforce the information
      • help you better prepare for your next test

    What testing skills have you taught your students? What advice do you give them before a big testing day? Share your stories in the comment box below.
    For more study skills, visit and be sure to check out STUDY SKILLS FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

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