Study Skills: The 5 R’s of Note Taking

In order for students to succeed at learning, they need to understand their process by discovering their learning style, test-taking techniques, how to best use their memory, think critically and set goals. The following is an exercise for parents and educators to share with their students to increase note-taking skills.

  • Start by drawing a line from the top left of the page to separate one third of the paper from the rest. The larger side should be on the right.

Record: On the large side of the paper, take notes on the most important points made by the teacher.

Reduce: While the information is still fresh, summarize the points you recorded on the left side of your paper. This process helps you to remember, process, and understand new information.

Recite: Cover the left side of your paper and repeat aloud what you have just written. Repeat until you can recite your notes without looking.

Reflect: Think about what you learned and apply it to something else you already know. Drawing connections will help engrave the new material.

Review: Take ten minutes to review your notes every day. This keeps the information fresh and you won’t have to try to relearn the lesson from last week.

Do you have note-taking tips you share with your students? Share with us in the comment box below. Also, be sure to visit the blog every Thursday for more study skills to use in the classroom and at home. This Thursday’s lesson was taken from LifeBound’s STUDY SKILLS FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. For more study skills, visit

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