Development of an Effective Business Team

Bruce Tuckman, psychologist and education specialist, attempted to explain group dynamics by identifying the stages groups typically undergo in the development process. In his research, he found the following 5 stages occurred. Help you and your team by getting familiar with the process so you are prepared to get through the tough times and on to success.

Forming: There is an initial meeting. The group uses this first interaction to get familiar with each other and the project they will be working on. This is an exploration phase.

Storming: The group has had time to work independently and communication between members is down. Ideas might start clashing as well as personalities.

Norming: The group comes together and addresses the problems they are having. They take the focus off their individual problems and put the focus back on the project. The group becomes more committed.

Performing: The group is now aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and divides the presentation among them accordingly. Then, the group presents their project.

Adjourning: The group has completed their task and might be asked to come together in the future, after showing the company they practice effective team skills.

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