For Colleges, Small Cuts Add Up to Big Savings

Colleges, like individuals, families, business and non-profits have been hit hard by the recession. In addition to layoffs, hiring freezes and delays in construction projects, colleges are going green and being creative in how they save money. As the article below states, University of Washington eliminated all telephones for their communication faculty and saved $1,100 a month. Other schools have turned down the thermostats in a movement called, “Chill out.” Many colleges are eliminating their high-gloss admissions brochures for a completely on-line presence. Some schools are hiring students instead of staff while others are rebuilding old computers instead of buying new.

Let’s enlist students in solving these ways to keep their tuition constant while conserving overall budgets. If we do, they will learn something about personal choice, short-term sacrifice for long term gain and the value of being creative when it comes to saving money personally and professionally. These are valuable lifeskills which will serve them well long after they graduate from college.

New York Times

College life may look different in the not-so-distant future: Students squinting out dirtier windows, faculty offices with full wastebaskets and no phones, sporting events in which opponents never meet, and paper course catalogs existing only as artifacts of the wasteful old days.

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