Illustrate Bully Prevention in the Classroom with Bitstrips

It’s Bullying Prevention Month and Bitstrips for Schools and Cartoon Network are partnering to get students involved this October. The Stop Bullying: Speak Up Comic Challenge is asking students and educators to get involved in the movement to prevent bullying by creating comic strips that show common bullying challenges and how best to solve them.

Individual students or a teacher for an entire classroom can go to and sign up to create their comic. The best comics will be chosen to be part of a downloadable anthology that can be used in schools across the country and be made available to teachers and librarians, said co-founder of Bitstrips, Shahan Panth, in the edutopia article, “Pow! How Comics in the Classroom Can Combat Bullying.”

Every week in the month of October, Bitstrips will give students a new bullying prompt complete with a template and situation to solve. Students will create an avatar and fill in the best way they think the situation should be handled, then upload it to the site.

In the same Edutopia article, Bitstrips co-founder Jacob Blackstock said, “Comics are a powerful language to communicate.” Blackstock is an accomplished comic artist who found before he could finish illustrating one idea, he was already on to the next. Technology proved to be the solution. With Bitstrips, you can create cartoon strips at a faster speed and you don’t even need to know how to draw. The program allows for students to be creative using a medium that used to be exclusive to the talented artist. “This evens the playing field,” says Blackstock.

How is your classroom fighting bullying this month?


“Pow! How Comics in the Classroom Can Combat Bullying,” by Suzie Boss. 3 October 2011. Edutopia. Accessed on 3 October 2011. <>


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