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CAROL’S SUMMARY: Flexibility is key to surviving the competitive job market our distressed economy has created. Internships and volunteer work can give you the experienced edge employers are looking for, or skills may need to be practiced in other positions until your dream job opens up. Keeping busy networking with people who can help you or introduce you to someone key, taking an extra class or working for free under the tutelage of someone who has valuable business expertise can make all the difference.

Questions to consider:
1. If this economy is limiting your job prospects, what other positions or fields utilize the same skills? Are there any jobs or study opportunities overseas you might want to pursue?
2. Have you considered an internship or volunteer work? If you already have some of those experiences under your belt, which new volunteer job or responsibility would benefit you even more?
3. What, specifically, do you need to grow in (skills, knowledge, experience) to get the job you really want?
4. If you were recently laid off, is there some information you can take away from your former boss about how you can improve in your next position?
5. Who are the key people who can write you letters of reference which you can provide at any time?


March 15, 2009

Here’s the bad news: If you are graduating from college this spring, you are facing one of the toughest job markets in years.

Employers expect to hire 22% fewer graduates than they did last spring, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

“Almost every level of the job market right now is shrinking,” says Edwin Koc, director of strategic and foundation research for NACE. “You are going to have to compete for the job — as opposed to the last five years, when employers competed over you.”

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