Upcoming LifeBound Webinar – Parenting Tips for Academic Success: Promoting Success at School and at Home

On March 22, Maureen Breeze will be presenting the webinar Parenting Tips for Academic Success: Promoting Success at School and at Home. This webinar will give parents insights on how they can bolster their students’ study, time management and organization skills, as well as their overall interest and motivation both in and out of school.
This presentation is great for parents, educators, counselors, and administrators who want to improve their effectiveness with students in grades 5-12. Maureen will explore ways to create a culture of learning in the home that supports:
  • high expectations,
  • improved academic achievement
  • and the persistence needed to overcome challenges when things are difficult.
At our first webinar this month, one attendee, Kathy Mellette, North Hall County Honors Mentorship Coordinator wrote in to say:
“Thank you for the informational webinar! I teach a high school Honors Mentorship Class and my students who are planning on careers in education viewed this with me. We enjoyed it-good stuff!”
As the middle of the semester approaches, we are offering the webinar Parents as Coaches in March and April to give parents basic coaching skills, like listening, observing, asking powerful questions, and acknowledging, as a parenting tool to help their children make effective decisions and guide them toward success and independence. Parents, along with educators, counselors and administrators who work with students in 5-12 grade are encouraged to join.
Registration is open for:
This Saturday, LifeBound coach Gina Ballesteros will be presenting in both Spanish and English at the Parent Leadership Institute conference at the Auraria Campus – PE/Event Center. Go down and see the LifeBound team — Michael DeSantiago, Jim Hoops, Maureen Breeze and Gina — and find out more about how parents are getting involved in their student’s success.
To stay informed on dates and times of upcoming LifeBound events, go to the top right hand corner of the screen and click on the icons to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. While you’re there, you can also signup for LifeBound’s newsletter for monthly updates and deals.


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  1. April Lee says:

    Are the above mentioned webinars archived?

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