When low emotion intelligence rattles loyal employees

“A high EQ [emotional intelligence] is more essential than ever as emotions are contagious,” states the Business Daily article below. The article tells the story of a successful businessman with a high IQ starting his own business and failing due to his low EQ. As a college and career expert, I believe emotional intelligence is important to everyone, not just leaders. That is why I wrote my book, PEOPLE SMARTS FOR TEENATERS: Becoming Emotionally Intelligent. Teaching students early how to manage their emotions and interact with others will help them achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

LifeBound’s PEOPLE SMARTS program offers strategies for developing emotional intelligence and subsequently creates a more positive school culture. Schools tend to focus on academic skills, but unless students also learn how to handle setbacks and manage strong negative emotions, they will be ineffective in the world of work. For review copies of our PEOPLE SMARTS book and curriculum samples, please call toll free 1.877.737.8510 or email contact@lifebound.com.


When low emotion intelligence rattles loyal employees
Business Daily
Posted Friday, April 9 2010 at 00:00

A friend of mine told me recently of a businessman who had been a long time supplier to the Government for various goods and services who had gone bankrupt after a regime change.

His gravy train of lucrative contracts had dried up.

As a result of a change of fortunes, he had opted to focus his capital and efforts in the private sector.

After five years of intense effort, his business remained in the red and went through the tubes.

According to my friend, this businessman is a very intelligent person and has a high intelligence quotient.

To view this entire article visit www.businessdaily.com

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