Community colleges turn to online classes as enrollments spike

Distance-learning has risen in the last year 22% at community colleges. Non-traditional students and students who want the flexibility of on-line courses are powering this trend. If you are a student thinking about one of these courses, here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your success:

1) Be self-motivated. You will be expected to keep up with the reading and class activities in advance. Be prepared to participate in the discussion threads so that you can work collaboratively with your teachers and class mates.

2) Be clear on goals and expectations set for in the syllabus. This is no different than an in-person class and you will need to map out your tests, papers due, class projects, etc. in advance.

3) If you are struggling, go get in-person help either from your teacher or from a tutor. The only students who aren’t successful are the ones who don’t get the help they need when they need it.

4) Get ready to work hard. Students often have the impression that on-line classes are easier. Actually, many students interviewed say that they are more work because you can’t hide in the back of the lecture hall. You also have a greater responsibility to be courteous and show netiquette
to your teacher and classmates. You have to show up fully and be ready to contribute.

Distance learning is a wonderful option for many students. Go in with your eyes wide open and assess of this is the best learning platform for you or if you thrive with a combination of in-person and on-line classes.


Community colleges turn to online classes as enrollments spike

Distance-learning enrollment in American community colleges jumped by 22 percent during the 2008-09 academic year, an increase fueled in part by an influx of nontraditional students who require the flexibility of online courses, according to a survey conducted by the Instructional Technology
Council (ITC).

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