A Way Around the Job Market


Hiring fell 22% last year, so this is an especially challenging time for graduates looking for a job. So, how are students and recent grads adjusting? Many are working their way around the job market through entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur myself, I can appreciate the creativity and hard work this generation is mustering to make it through such a tough hiring market. For those still in school, I offer summer internships as one way to get experience and learn from my journey as VP of Marketing at Pearson to small business owner of LifeBound, LLC.

If you are interested in launching your own ideas which can grow into a business, you might want to start with a day job which can provide you income and benefits. You will be essentially working two jobs until your dream idea gets launched. If you get venture funding, you can short circuit the day job route, but be ready to be beholden to stakeholders who will expect results within a specific time-frame.

If you are interested in what it is like to work in a small business, there are many companies such as mine for which you can work. To apply for an internship with LifeBound, please email your cover letter and resume to cynthianordberg@lifebound.com.


The Wall Street Journal
April 19, 2010
A Way Around the Job Market
by Aditya Mahesh

Last year alone, hiring for recent college graduates fell by 22% (See College Grads’ Outlook Is Grim). Those who were fortunate enough to secure a job upon graduation saw their average starting salary drop by as much as 8%. For someone who just invested over $150,000 in a four-year undergraduate education, these results are alarming.

Yet undergraduate students, a resourceful, motivated and educated group of young people, are looking outside the box now more than ever, to get around this contracting job market. For many, this means entrepreneurship.

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