More Students Seeking Tutors

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A recent boom in students receiving help outside the classroom has made tutoring a multi-billion dollar industry. Most studies being conducted today on tutoring are done with an agenda by tutoring or testing companies who want the industry to grow from a business point-of-view. Sandra Stotsky, professor of education reform, questions the lack of independent studies being conducted on the rising numbers of tutors as she believes it might be telling of what students or parents are demanding for an education that the school system is failing to provide.

It is believed the boom in tutoring has happened for two reasons. The first: colleges are more selective – more students are fighting for the same number of openings – and tutoring can boost a student’s scores so they stand out above the rest. The second: parents are not satisfied with the education their children are receiving and are choosing to have subjects, mostly math, taught to them outside of school.

Article: Why More Students Rely on Tutors

At first, the apparent lack of independent studies on why parents choose to have their high school children tutored is surprising. By independent, I mean studies by researchers unconnected to tutoring or testing companies — and with no axe to grind or interest in promoting the services or products of these companies.

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