Jobless Rate Climbs in 46 States, With California at 11.2%

CAROL’S SUMMARY: California, Texas and North Carolina top the nation for increase in jobless and unemployment rates. California leads the nation at 11.8%, a number which hasn’t been that high since 1976, according to the Wall Street Journal article below. In this economic climate, creativity and resourcefulness will allow people to get new experiences and job exposure. Here’s how:

1) Intern. If you are a student or even if you aren’t, get a foot in the door with a company or an industry representing where you would like to work. Once in the door, you can show your abilities, your initiative, your interpersonal skills and your problem-solving prowess.

2) Volunteer. Important business skills can be built through leadership in a service organization or a volunteer capacity. Run an event, lead a meeting or take on a specific role like that of President or Treasurer. These skills are absolutely transfer to the job market, especially if they come with letters of recommendations about your contributions.

3) Network. Reach out to neighbors, friends and past associates. Go for coffee or ask the favor of a phone conversation to determine if they know of people or opportunities which would be a good fit for your skills and abilities.

4) Keep the faith and keep busy. Get out of your house and get unstuck from your own thoughts. If you treat your unemployment as though you were already employed—with the same ethic, drive and ambition—you will create opportunities for yourself and inspire others with your strong will and spirit.


April 18, 2009

California and North Carolina in March posted their highest jobless rates in at least three decades, as unemployment increased in all but a handful of states during the month, the Labor Department said Friday.

California’s unemployment rate jumped to 11.2% in March, while North Carolina rose to 10.8%, the highest for both since the U.S. government began a comprehensive tally of state joblessness in 1976.

The state-by-state employment figures showed only a few states avoiding the deterioration seen nationwide. Unemployment rose in 46 states during the month, and 12 states plus the District of Columbia posted unemployment rates in March that were significantly higher than the 8.5% nationwide figure the government released earlier this month.

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