Prince William middle school to try single-sex classes


Single-sex classes have become a growing trend in education nationwide. The trend is based on the notion that boys and girls learn differently and could benefit from a classroom designed around their specific learning needs. According to the Washington Post article below, opponents point out that the system does not “prepare students for the real, coed world of work and family.” While proponents of single-sex classrooms believe it will boost confidence and get students to explore subjects they might otherwise not.

While single-sex classrooms might work at some schools, but it’s not always necessary considering there are more learning styles than just between boys and girls. Some people prefer to research and read a topic thoroughly and others enjoy tinkering with something and taking it apart to find out how it works. When students identify their learning style they can discover how to make the most of class time and determine the best study habits to implement. Study Skills for High School Students helps students identify their own personal learning style and then provides tips on how to use that knowledge to succeed academically. To request a free review copy or learn more about LifeBound’s materials visit or email


Prince William middle school to try single-sex classes
By Jennifer Buske
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Prince William County school will offer single-sex classes this fall, joining a growing nationwide trend in education.

Fred M. Lynn Middle School will run a pilot program during the coming school year that will have single-sex classrooms for core academic classes for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students. Lunch and elective courses will be coed.

“What we want is the opportunity for parents to look at the options out there,” said Principal J. Harrison Coleman. “Some students can go straight through coed classes with no problems, but sometimes that student in the middle just needs things a little different. We want to open that opportunity up to them.”

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