Want to Change the World? Here’s How

CAROL’S SUMMARY: The Clinton Global Initiative University is a three-day event where motivated students brainstorm and discuss their ideas for creating change in the world. This year it was held at the University of Texas at Austin and contemplated such issues as hunger, pollution, and AIDS.

In the article, Lizzy Dupont gives the advice that when approaching “potential donors, he should come across as professional and passionate and have a detailed plan, but be open to their suggestions.” The opportunity for students here is to see themselves as global leaders—as people whose ideas and actions will make a difference in solving the world’s greatest problems.

Questions to consider:
1. What change are you passionate in order to take a stand and make a difference?
2. What measurable way could you bring about this change?
3. Who could you ask for help/donations or support for your cause?


Students gather in Texas to plan attacks on hunger, pollution, and AIDS

By KATHERINE MANGAN, From the Chronicle of Higher Education, February 25, 2009

Austin, Tex.

In a room full of idealistic young social entrepreneurs, Lizzy Dupont was a veteran. They listened with rapt attention as the senior at the University of Texas at Austin recounted the rewards and frustrations she had met over the last year in creating sex-education videos for deaf students in the West African nation of Mali.

Max Gelber, a University of Florida freshman, made his way to the front of the room for advice. He told Ms. Dupont he was working on a plan to record indigenous music in destitute villages, sell the music on the Internet, and send the proceeds to the musicians. “I want to go to the worst, most desolate spots on the planet,” he said. “They’re not exactly aesthetically pleasing. How do I get people interested in wanting to help me?”

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